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2019: The Start of Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance

Published on: 1/24/2019

We’re more than halfway into January, and for many of us, this month has been centered around setting and beginning to fulfill our new year’s resolutions. As we try to catch up from the holiday season hiatus, long work days seem never-ending and we find ourselves striving for a sensible work/life balance, a goal that can seem unattainable during times like this.


Yet, this goal is crucial to maintaining a healthy mind and body that will allow you to work efficiently and effectively. It doesn’t take long for stress to begin to weaken our immune systems and make us sensitive to many different illnesses from colds all the way to heart disease. Research shows that prolonged tension and anxiety can multiply our chances of having a heart attack. 


In today’s world, we find ourselves trying to balance numerous work assignments, maintain professional and personal relationships, all while still trying to uphold our social lives, inevitably leading to an increase in stress. Trying to accomplish everything causes our stress levels to spike and diminishes productivity; causing us to lose concentration, become cranky or depressed, which can all negatively affect our home and work relationships. 


The key is balance, and good news – a healthy work/life balance is an achievable goal. When you adopt a healthy balance of work and play in your life, you will become more content in your work, leading you to be more productive, take fewer sick days off, and stay on task throughout the day. You will also find more time to nourish relationships and enjoy the company of family and friends, all leading to a happier, healthier you.

Though you may want to take a step back from work, it can be a daunting task. We know all too well how the pressures of a tight schedule, demanding workload and seemingly endless amount of emails to answer can cause us to work late in the evening and leave us drained for the rest of the week. Here are a few sensible measures we can all take to reverse the hold that stress has on us and balance our lives.  

At Work:

  • Make a checklist and take care of essential assignments first, leaving unessential assignments for later. Remember to ask for help when needed. 
  • Be productive with your time. When you take on a large project, start by dividing it into smaller tasks and reward yourself every time you complete a task. The less time you spend delaying a project, the more time you can spend with friends and family. 
  • Set daily goals. Checking things off on our to-do list helps us feel a sense of achievement and control, but make sure to be realistic about workloads and deadlines. 

  • Take five-minute breaks throughout the day to help clear your mind and improve your readiness to handle stress that may come your way.

  • Listen to your favorite tunes at work to reduce anxiety and stimulate creativity.

  • Communicate effectively. In tense circumstances, rethink your approach coolly and reasonably. Adjust in an effort to compromise and constructively come up with a collaborative solution. 

  • Being in good health physically improves your resistance to stress and reduces sick days. Exercise often, get enough rest and eat a clean, healthy diet.
  • Stay active during your free time. Exercise not only helps you reach optimum physical health, it can help you reach optimum mental health. Consistent exercise reduces stress and anxiety, leading to a healthier mind and outlook. Make time for a walk during lunch and have some fun!

If you begin feeling overwhelmed, seek help from your team, inside the office and outside of it. Take advantage of programs available through your company’s employee assistance program (EAP), which is designed to assist employees in resolving personal difficulties that may negatively affect the employee’s performance.

At SR Construction, we encourage our staff members to ask for help if needed, because we understand that seeking help is not a sign of instability or weakness – it is a major step in putting your physical and mental health first and is a sign of strength!