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Employee Spotlight: Meet Andrew Hansen

Published on: 9/17/2018

For this employee spotlight, we are proud to highlight Andrew Hansen who currently serves as  VDC manager and architect. 

What do you do during your day to day at SR Construction?

On the design side as an architect, I help clients explore various design solutions based on their needs, workflows, and project specific opportunities. Ultimately, this process leads to the crafting of quality spaces that function as intended for those who inhabit them on a daily basis. The majority of my design efforts are concentrated in Healthcare and Commercial projects. On the construction side as VDC Manager, I help facilitate the transition from design to actual construction by leveraging the 3D models created by the design team in combination with more detailed construction level models produced by various trade partners. Through a detailed process of coordination and clash detection, we can construct the building virtually and resolve many issues in the computer prior to them arising in the field. This helps create a much more streamlined process once things actually start being constructed on site.

What is one thing that makes SR Construction a unique company? 

SR is unique in its ability to provide an extra level of service to its clients’ needs and circumstances. No two clients are the same and each of their projects require a high level of attention and detail. SR is fortunate to receive repeat business from long-standing relationships, which attests to SR’s emphasis on client satisfaction.

What are some recent projects you have worked on? 

Some of my recent projects include the design of healthcare remodels for the Lab at Summerlin Hospital, Cath Lab Bi-Plane and MRI procedure rooms at Centennial Hills Hospital, as well as the office renovation for Shepherd Eye Center. I have also been overseeing the VDC/BIM coordination for the Hyatt Andaz Hotel in Palm Springs.   

Why do you like working at SR? 

I enjoy working at SR for more reasons that can be outlined here. But, in short terms, I like that there is no shortage of new challenges and opportunities to address daily. SR has always been very open to allowing me to leverage my talents and contribute in a unique way to each project in which I am engaged. Everyone has a great attitude about the work and the company is willing to embrace change and continually improve on how we provide our services. 

Do you have recent news you would like to share? 

Although I am only in my mid 30’s, I recently found myself needing an artificial disc replacement in my neck. Everything went as expected and I am now feeling better than ever. It’s amazing what can be done today in the medical field. 

What do you like to do in your free time? 

The majority of my free time is spent with my family and children, ages 10, 7, and 3. In remaining spare moments I enjoy mountain biking.