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Modern Construction: Las Vegas Edition

Published on: October 17, 2018

Recently, our team finished the Third-Floor West buildout of Henderson Hospital. This project was comprised of a 15,764 square-foot buildout, which includes 28 patient rooms, 2 nurse hubs and all supporting infrastructure for a new medical-surgical unit.

This project was run as a Lean Construction project utilizing the Lean Construction Institute's Last Planner System. The Last Planner System is a production planning system designed to produce predictable workflow and rapid learning in programming, design, construction, and commissioning of projects ( This system promotes conversations between trade foremen and project management at appropriate levels of detail, and before recognizes that personal relationships and peer pressure are critical to that process ( 

The primary goals for this system are to: produce the best possible plan by involving all direct stakeholders, create the right level of detailed, useful, collaborated plans to produce safe, highly reliable workflow, high quality, on-time delivery for all construction scope, and to provide framework for teams to effectively collaborate with each other. By using this system, management teams will see an increase in daily productivity in the project team through the systematic removal of waste (

This system is an opposite way of thinking when compared to conventional 'push scheduling' principles. The Last Planner System incorporates 'pull planning' principles where only the work that can and will be done is considered and promised by the Last Planners themselves. This process is effective due to the fact that all of the experts who are supervising the work being done gather together and engage with one another to collaboratively build a plan that leads to a successful project.

At SR, we utilize this system and the pull planning process, which is starting to take the place of traditional scheduling methods, to ensure a successful build. Through the utilization of these new processes and systems, we can make certain that we provide the client with a top-quality product that exceeds their expectations.