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SR Construction: An Inside Look

Published on: October 30, 2018

SR Construction: An Inside Look

The SR team is comprised of highly trained personnel made up of architects, engineers, and construction management professionals. Combine our incredible team with our years of experience in design-build delivery, Lean Construction techniques, BIM modeling, and acute healthcare construction and remodels in 24/7 operating environments, SR offers unparalleled technical capabilities and a comprehensive understanding of the operational use of materials and products. Our holistic approach is summed up as “Total Quality Management,” and it requires a balance of all factors that are typically in conflict when undergoing a construction project: cost, schedule, quality, and long-term maintenance. We actively participate in design meetings to contribute our expertise to the team regarding constructability issues, cost control, and product availability. To finish with a top-quality project, all parties work together as a unified team throughout the entire pre-build and build of the project.  

Pre-construction is the initial planning period that must take place before the actual construction work begins. During the pre-construction phase, many different factors of the upcoming project are addressed and discuss as a team. Factors such as an accurate budget, which must be established early on in the process, are the first steps towards a successful project. After the budget is set, the assembly of a high-quality team of subcontractors comes next. Building this team is important because once our team is determined, as a whole, we develop an attitude and a belief together that the process will be most successful by having all team members participate as full and equal members of an interactive team from the start of the project.   

The process we use when selecting subcontractors is thorough and in-depth. Our team sits down and evaluates each subcontractor’s capabilities alongside scopes of work and determines whether it will be a good fit for the upcoming project. This is an essential part of the pre-construction period since these are the companies that you will be working with for the entire build. Open, timely, and constant communication is the cornerstone to success so that the best and most accurate decisions can be made concerning budget, schedule, and constructability.     

Through a detailed pre-construction period, SR establishes the framework for the construction process and creates a baseline to achieve all project goals and deliverables.