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A Conversation with Virginia Toalepai, CEO of World Wide Safety

Published on: 2/1/2018

As a Las Vegas-based general contractor, safety remains a core focus for our business. We are proud to partner with the leading safety company, World Wide Safety. Virginia Toalepai is the CEO, and Head Safety Consultant for WWS and SR is proud to work with her to ensure the safety and ongoing safety training for our team. As part of our new blog series, we are excited to share with you our Q&A with some of our excellent subcontractors. 

How long has WWS been apart of the SR family?

We have been working closely with SR for almost 3 years now.

What are two of the most critical safety measures a General Contractor should be aware of?

1. Safety is not to be jeopardized, and no production is more important than safety.

2. Take ownership on any infraction found on site regardless if it is the subcontractor's fault. Any violation is abated right away and requires a stand down with the whole site!

What are quick tips you can share about staying safe in the upcoming summer season?

We need not take place convenience over safety. We need to all stay hydrated and watch what we consume daily to avoid dehydration. Companies must make sure every crew is provided with adequate drinking water and take any measures to prevent heat stress on jobs.

What is your favorite project of SR Construction that you have been involved with?

There is no such thing when it comes to working for SR Construction. No matter what project SR is on or undergoes, the culture and the attitude from the owners and superintendents stays the same and consistent throughout each project. They always put safety first, and it is not something they can put a dollar amount on! IT IS WHAT THEY STAND FOR!