Travis Burton

Senior Operations Manager | CRIS

Mr. Burton brings over 31 years of progressive construction experience to SR Construction, specifically in the hospitality, sports, and commercial construction markets. Travis offers insights and expertise to all aspects of the construction process, emphasizing project controls & administration, contracts & risk management, procurement, cost management, and financial reporting.  In addition to the day-to-day management of various internal resources within the organization, he works with the SR executive team to provide strategic direction to all organizational facets. He excels at forming, leading, and managing specialized teams during business development and pre-construction operations/services. Travis is recognized as a vital member of the SR leadership council with demonstrated expertise in managing consultants, contractors, internal company resources, and project schedules, exceeding client expectations, and providing a successful project delivery for every client.

As Senior Operations Manager, Travis oversees operations of project management and estimating staff from project pre-construction through to completion and assures that projects are staffed appropriately given the complexity, schedule, cost control, and resource management. Travis keeps abreast of regional trends such as escalation costs and labor, material, and quality requirements.