BIM/VDC at SR: Henderson Hospital 3rd Floor Buildout

At SR Construction, our BIM/VDC group uses the latest technology such as photogrammetry or reality capture during the planning and design stages and during construction to monitor progress and analyze any problems that arise as they occur. Reality capture is the process of scanning an object, building, or site in the real world and converting the scan data into models and visualizations that are useful for design and construction workflows.

For construction projects, inexpensive photogrammetry equipment can quickly take photos of an entire site and structure from multiple angles and convert the visual data to create a 3D model.

What is Photogrammetry? It is a form of 3D scanning that uses photographs and triangulation to create an accurate site or structure model.  The construction trade capturing ‘actual reality’ is a vital and urgent need. Photogrammetry can provide a low-cost alternative to laser-scanning and replacing many traditional surveying methods and assessing a construction or renovation site.

In this video capture, we are navigating through the recently completed Henderson Hospital Third Floor Buildout’s immersive spaces. The photogrammetry model, created by Matterport, is a part of as-builts for Henderson Hospital. Matterport is a scanning platform provider that uses bioptic cameras to produce 3D environments.

Old methods of converting existing site and structure information into usable “as-built” models for planning renovations, demolition, and/or building/remodeling are costly and time-consuming, with limited accuracy. Modern reality capture changes the as-built game.

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