Our company culture focuses on creating an environment of continuous improvement and an enjoyable journey for our clients, staff, and trade partners. We are committed to improving the construction delivery process to maximize value for our clients and improve schedules.

As many companies search for ways to improve internal and external operations for current and future building, expansions, and improvements, numerous programs have emerged to refine traditional models and enhance their effectiveness.

We have adopted many of the core principles of Lean Construction to deliver all our projects.

The three primary tenets are:
1) Respect for people 2) The elimination of waste 3) Innovation

We continue to refine these foundational values to create a harmonious and productive atmosphere where safety, productivity, teamwork, and flow have been significantly improved. Most importantly, it has provided our clients with projects delivered reliably and consistently.

We have also incorporated these core principles into our company culture. By improving standardized activities and operations, lean construction strives to refine our workplace, eliminates redundancies, and trains the staff to recognize and reduce waste in all future processes.

The lean approach is centered around gaining knowledge by taking action. To ensure the success of our Lean program, every group within the company needed to become self-directed, allowing constraints to be resolved from within each group rather than tasking management staff with the delegation of issues to various team members.

These methods, introduced over a set time frame, with consistent training and active participation, have been adopted by all project teams and office staff. This process has been shown to increase productivity throughout the company and has led to the successful completion of many projects.


At SR Construction, our clients are always at the center of all we do. It takes a dedicated team, as well as systems and processes developed and perfected over decades to serve the people and industries we are proud to call our clients.