SR's Design-Build Process

The SR Built Process is a comprehensive approach to construction that is designed to minimize uncertainties, create a cohesive and better team, achieve cost savings and best value, improve the construction schedule, and ensure commitment to safety and on-time completion. SR’s process is changing the industry with Total Quality Management (TQM), the perfect balance of project cost, schedule, quality, and long-term maintenance. 

key components

  • Design-Build: The SR Built Process is based on the design-build approach, which brings together the design and construction teams under one contract. This allows for early and open communication and collaboration, which can lead to significant benefits, such as reduced costs and faster completion times.
  • Create The Design-Build Team: In order to have a successful design-build team, mutual trust and cooperation is the forefront of success. SR Construction takes the required time to think about each member of the team’s compatibility before assembling the qualified team. Our team considers company principles, conflicts of interest, synergy, experience, compatible technology and motivation before finalizing the team member selection. The team:
    • Owner
    • General Contractor
    • Design Team
    • Trade Partners
      • Architects
      • Engineers
      • Construction Management and Professionals
  • Design-Build Benefits: SR’s creative solutions take hold by minimizing all costs, streamline schedules and maximize efficiencies throughout the process.

Key SR Construction Differentiators

  • Conditions of Satisfaction: SR Construction begins every project by identifying the client’s ideal outcomes. These outcomes are then used to guide all decision-making throughout the project.
  • “Go Slow to Go Fast”: SR Construction believes that investing in robust preconstruction efforts is essential to achieving a project’s ideal outcome. This includes engaging trade partners early and often to make critical decisions.


The SR Built Process offers a number of benefits to clients, including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Faster completion times
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased safety

Case Studies

SR Construction has successfully used the SR Built Process on a wide range of projects, including:

  • Henderson Hospital Tower Addition
  • Centennial Hills Hospital Tower Addition
  • The Fertility Center of Las Vegas
  • West Henderson Hospital
  • Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center
Henderson hospital

Why Choose Sr Construction?

SR Construction is a full-service design-build general contractor founded in 1991 with the primary goal of providing our clients with the highest degree of quality and the greatest level of service on every project. The SR Built Process is a proven approach to construction that can deliver significant benefits to clients. By combining the design-build approach with lean principles and a focus on safety, SR Construction is able to achieve the best possible outcomes for its clients.