Design-Build Teaming Process for the Four G’s Warehouse Project


Design-Build Teaming Process for the Four G’s Warehouse Project:

Great teaming produces a quality product, a happy Client, and an enjoyable project journey.  The design-build process provides expedited project delivery and promotes greater project efficiencies. Successful design-build teams require mutual trust and cooperation between team members. For the Four G’s Warehouse project, SR Construction took the time in advance to think about the compatibility of each team member before assembling the design-build team. Company principals, conflicts of interest, synergy, mutually beneficial experiences, compatible technology, and teaming motivations were all considered before final team member selection was made.

Prior teamwork history was a critical element. Experience working together and experience with the Client were paramount to team selection. Additionally, individual team members had to be savvy to design-build teaming issues and interested in identifying and solving problems. During the project’s preconstruction phase, the owner, design team, general contractor, and key trade partners worked together to meticulously identify issues and develop solutions to issues on paper before the construction process began.  The team met regularly to discuss the budget status, identify means and methods to improve both the budget and construction schedule, identify and rectify constructability issues, and identify potential lead time issues with key building components.


To successfully deliver the project for our Client, the Design-Builder enlisted the design team’s support, estimating resources, trade partners, manufacturers, and suppliers. The following steps were involved in the design-build procurement process for this project:

• The Client analyzed their requirements to determine the anticipated use of the facility.

• The Client then established the project program requirements and identified all project-specific inclusions and exclusions.

• A Request for Qualifications (RFQ) – Professional, financial, and practical requirements for each proposed trade partner and a design team member was drafted.

• The Client and Design-Builder received and reviewed qualification statements in response to the RFQ. The most qualified firms were asked to submit preliminary cost proposals in an RFP.

• The Client and Design-Builder held meetings to allow Proposers to ask questions and request clarifications.

• Once received, the Client and Design-Builder evaluated proposals based upon the best value to the project.

• The selected design team members entered a design contract(s) with the Design-Builder.

• Upon completion of the design process, a construction RFP was issued to qualified trade partners to perform the work on the project. The Client and Design-Builder reviewed trade partner proposals and made selections in each division of work. Selections were made based on the best value to the project. The selected trade partners were issued subcontracts for construction from the Design-Builder.

Throughout the project, the design-build team and the Client worked together with the same goal in mind. When confronted with challenges, the team worked cohesively to resolve the issue.


The design-build process is uniquely defined by providing sole-source responsibility to any project.  The design-builder leads the team with one goal in mind and is accountable for the entire project from design to completion.  The design-build process dictates that when the same team that designs the project also builds it, and when design-build principles are followed, issues are resolved on paper before becoming problems in the field.  The project benefits from the design-build process because budgets are maintained, issues are resolved, and schedules are met or improved.

When executed properly, the design-build process is beneficial to all parties involved in the project. With ample experience and expertise surrounding the process, SR Construction has established itself as a leading design-build general contractor in the United States’ western region. Comprised of a knowledgeable and driven team, the design-build principles are seamlessly executed, and client satisfaction is ensured through on-time and on-budget project delivery.

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