Drones in the Construction Industry

Technology is rapidly transforming all aspects of the construction industry. Technology influences a project in each stage of the build, from the early planning stages to the finishing touches. Instead of fighting new technology and unnecessarily holding on to traditional practices at SR, our team is continually looking for new tools and technologies that will improve the services that we provide.

One technological advancement that has directly impacted the construction industry is the usage of drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), which are aircraft that are equipped with a camera and are piloted remotely from the ground. At SR, we have a trained team to pilot the drones that are now an essential part of our field operation.

At SR, our drones offer our team a wide array of uses. Our team members that are trained to operate them use them for progress reports, site analysis, visual inspections, and reality capture. During the planning process, a digital model can be created from the aerial images to offer an overview of the topography, allowing everyone, from stakeholders to office staff, to survey the job site and review data on the land and any existing structures before beginning the project.

One of the most beneficial uses of drone technology has been ‘progress reports’ of the projects while they are underway. From the start of a project, our team is on-site with the drone to capture the site’s video footage before construction begins. As construction progresses, the drone footage is captured as needed, often weekly or bi-weekly, to see how the project is advancing and to survey the work being done. After several months of construction, it is rewarding to our team and our clients to have the ability to watch the project come to fruition.

Drones currently play a huge role in the construction industry and will undoubtedly continue to shape different aspects of the industry in the future. We look forward to continued growth within the sector of drone technology, which will allow construction companies like SR to better serve the entire team and the client.


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