Study Action Team (SAT) as Part of SR LEAN Culture

SR Construction began holding Study Action Team (SAT) sessions to discuss leadership and teamwork, help groups and internal departments communicate and discuss ideas with receptiveness and open-mindedness for disagreement. Unity amongst the team is crucial for company transformation and growth.

As part of the SAT, we identify and agree upon a book that focuses on the group’s goal. The reading is divided into manageable sections, a few chapters at a time, and everyone completes the reading assignment before the next SAT session. During the meeting, the study leader initiates a conversation about what we think the author’s message is and how it applies to our organization.  We uncover the object lesson and identify what adjustments we should make due to our new awareness, and determine what mutual conclusion the team will use as their basis for action.

The manner of acquiring the information naturally makes us a more stable team with more regard for one another and a deeper appreciation of each other’s viewpoint and expertise.

Once we have completed the book, we put our new understanding into action.   The team discusses and agrees on the next steps and creates action items to help us reach our stated goals.  The results of the discussion are documented and then shared with others within the company.

We have found that using Study Action Team sessions as a tool to propel change allows for the potential development and progress in a forward, positive motion. At SR, we value each team member’s opinion and embrace diverse viewpoints. Growth does not have to be difficult; open discussion, tolerance, and acceptance are vital when working to foster positive change within the organization.

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