The Important Role of a Building Permit Expediter

Permit Expediters are often seen lugging rolls of blueprints to help get the plans into the City for construction teams. When you begin the laborious process of permitting your projects, large and small, you may want to use a permit expediter rather than submitting plans yourself.

A building permit expediter helps manage permit requests, navigating the paperwork required by your cities’ planning department, which can be time-consuming, expensive, and downright frustrating. These are professionals within the industry who work to make the process of applying for a permit less complicated. The building permit expediter’s role is of a facilitator between the City’s staff and how they may translate their local zoning and building codes to the owner or the owner’s consultants.

These professionals will usually work on multiple projects within different cities, counties, and agencies.  This unique insider perspective can help guide the costs and scope of the project. They can also assist in the navigation of planning departments, which can be a network of rules and regulations, laws and bylaws, procedures, and measures unfamiliar to the owner and contractor.

Luckily, for those who want to get their building permit as soon as possible, these experts are familiar with all of the local coding and zoning laws regarding new construction. Accordingly, they are familiar with the requirements to get a building permit application approved and will have it done much quicker.

The ultimate goal is to break ground on your construction project quickly and get your business going promptly rather than waiting months or even years to have your permit approved.  Nothing grinds projects to a halt faster than waiting in lines for filings, committee approval, or court orders to meander through the bureaucracy.

Permit expeditors gather data, examine paperwork, file permits, monitor each stage of the permit approval process, and, conclusively, work toward a favorable outcome. They meet with city officials and project consultants throughout the process and typically visit project sites to keep the ball rolling.

Applying for a permit doesn’t have to be a struggle. SR has an experienced expediter on our team; she is our insider, and her services provide value to all of our clients. Having someone on our side who has an excellent relationship with local officials and is familiar with the process is the most efficient and effective way to assure that permits arrive promptly. By securing permits promptly and working behind the scenes at local jurisdictions, she allows us to remain focused on what’s most important, the job at hand.

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